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James Samaroden | April 19, 2023

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Divorce is a challenging time that can be emotionally overwhelming for everyone involved. The process can become even more complicated when there are disputes over property, finances, and child custody. However, choosing a collaborative law approach to divorce can help couples regain control of the process and the agenda items. In this blog post, we will explore why choosing collaborative law can be a great option for spouses going through a divorce.

Collaborative law is a dispute resolution process that allows both spouses to work together in finding mutually agreeable solutions to issues arising from the divorce. In the process, both parties are represented by their own lawyers but agree to work collaboratively and respectfully towards resolving their differences. Collaborative law empowers both spouses to control the outcome of the divorce and make decisions that are fair and equitable for both parties.

One of the primary benefits of collaborative law is that it allows couples to regain control of the process and the agenda items. By working collaboratively, both parties can decide on the issues that need to be addressed, set priorities and timelines, and ultimately control the outcome of the divorce. In contrast, traditional litigation takes the power away from couples and puts it in the hands of a judge who may not fully understand their situation or their needs.

Collaborative law also helps preserve the relationship between the spouses. Divorce is a life-changing event, but it is still possible to maintain a respectful and amicable relationship with your ex-spouse. Collaborative law fosters a more cooperative relationship between spouses, which is especially important when children are involved. By working together to find mutually agreeable solutions, couples can make co-parenting easier and help ease the transition for their children.

To engage in the CFL process, you and your spouse do not have to agree or even get along.  If you both want to get to resolution without the cost, time, and loss of control that counts with litigation, then choose to have a consult with a CFL lawyer to explore the collaborative option.

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