How to achieve a collaborative, no-court divorce in Alberta

Divergent paths in a park, representing the two approaches for people who need divorce help: collaborative and high conflict

In a typical divorce, one side tries to beat the other.

In a Collaborative Divorce, everyone works together to reach mutually acceptable out of court agreements that are in the best interests of every family member.  In simpler words, it’s called a “good divorce”.

As a result, many families find the collaborative divorce process to be a much better fit.  Here’s how the process works.

What is Collaborative Divorce in Alberta?

Step #1:  You and your partner agree to investigate the benefits of the collaborative divorce process, which was created to help people obtain, with dignity and respect, an uncontested divorce.

Step #2:  You each hire an experienced Collaborative Family Lawyer and meet privately with that lawyer to discuss your case and how you could benefit by using an Edmonton and area divorce lawyer trained in the Collaborative Process.    To assist you with your financial or emotional concerns, you will also meet with collaboratively-trained financial professionals and family specialists, respectively.

Step #3:  You and your partner sign the Participation Agreement, and agree to provide full information disclosure, a necessary step as honesty and courtesy are required to make the Collaborative process work.

Step #4:  Face-to-face meetings between you and your chosen Collaborative family professionals are held to exchange information, define the needs and expectations of each partner, especially concerning the well-being and co-parenting of your children. Everyone works toward the generation of mutually-acceptable choices about financial and parenting issues and the work continues until a custom-made solution is completed, including all legal, financial, and co-parenting agreements.

Step  #5:  The respective Collaborative Family Lawyers confirm that all paperwork has been properly drafted and is legally enforceable.

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