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Collaborative Family Law Lawyers

Collaborative lawyers will help you start your divorce discussions with the belief that an out of court resolution is truly in your best interest. They will provide legal guidance and advice throughout the collaborative legal process to ensure that you feel informed and secure in the decisions you make.

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Financial Professionals

Financial professionals work for both divorcing parties to clarify the current financial status and help the parties to choose the best financial outcome based on the financial interests of each party. Depending on your financial situation you may need to draw on the expertise of a number of collaboratively-trained financial neutrals such as Certified Financial Planners, Accountants, Business Valuators, and Property Assessors.

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Family Specialists

Family specialists are licensed and/or registered psychologists and social workers whose primary area of practice is in conflict resolution, family relationships, child-development issues as well as having expertise related to the concerns of children of divorce. Through their therapeutic background, Family Professionals recognize the strong emotions experienced by divorcing couples that can often get in the way of effective collaboration on the legal and parenting issues. The specialist works to help manage conflict between spouses and optimize communication so that couples can successfully move through the divorce process and develop an effective co-parenting relationship for the future.

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The Blog

Edmonton and area Collaborative Practice News and Information

Cohabiting/Married Partners and Joint Property

Jack Hauptman | April 13, 2021

So you are married or living together and one of you owns a property, and you are thinking about putting it in joint names. Tread carefully, this can be a minefield.

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The three divorces

Linda Long | June 5, 2020

In my meetings with divorce and common law separation clients I observe that there are typically many divorces occurring at the same time for any one family experiencing separation.

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Family violence during COVID-19

Jessica Chapman | May 29, 2020

Download the government of Alberta’s factsheet on Family violence during COVID-19

Family Violence Info Line Call 310-1818. Available 24/7 in over 170 languages.

Chat online with the info line at alberta.ca/SafetyChat, available daily from 8 AM to 8 PM in English.

For more info, visit alberta.ca/family-violence-prevention.

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