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This directory of Collaborative professionals in Edmonton and area provides the quickest and easiest way to find the qualified professionals you need to obtain a divorce or separation without going to court and needing to deal with all the associated costs and stress.

No two people will need the same support — you may need a collaboratively trained divorce lawyer and a financial planner, another couple may need a family specialist for counselling services and a divorce coach.  Yet another couple may just need a family law lawyer who knows how to help a couple through a collaborative divorce.

Divorce Coaches are licensed therapists who have specialized training in the area of divorce/separation. They help clients address intense emotional issues that often create barriers in settling disputes during this challenging time. They will assist the individual by providing them with resources, education, and information, while helping develop positive stress management, effective communication, and conflict-resolution skills. Divorce Coaches can also assist with clarifying the individual’s needs, interests, and concerns to prepare them to advocate for themselves in team meetings. This keeps the process moving forward, but also supports the development of long-term healthy coping as the family continues to live in two-households.

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Stephanie L. Dobson

Collaborative Lawyer, Family Mediator, Online EducatorHenka Divorce Law & Mediation, Up A Notch Learning Inc.
Address 4104 – 50 Avenue Lloydminster Alberta T9V 0V8 CanadaAddress First Edmonton Place Suite 1400, 10665 Jasper Avenue Edmonton Alberta T5J 3S9 CanadaPhone: (780) 875-2234Fax: (866) 210-4617Phone: 780.809.2202Website: Henka Divorce Law & MediationWebsite: Up A Notch Learning Inc.


Understanding that strong emotions are involved, Stephanie Dobson helps clients view separation and divorce in perspective to move through the process more smoothly. Stephanie believes that framing divorce as a transition and not an end in itself enables clients to take an active role in making important decisions. By shifting emphasis to the future, she assists clients in defusing conflict, working through issues in a less volatile way, and achieving resolution sooner.

As sole proprietor of Henka Divorce Law & Mediation, Stephanie uses her caring, results-focused approach to help growth-minded, coachable parents navigate a family separation while they connect with and support their children. Using an extensive knowledge of matrimonial law, exclusive parent-learning resources, and an expert family support network, in the end, she empowers clients to make a plan to “write a new family story” based on developing lifelong, peaceful, positive, and thriving relationships.

Stephanie operates exclusively in the online, virtual format, allowing her to help clients throughout the provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan using Zoom to facilitate all Mediation and Collaborative Divorce sessions.

She is adept at handling complex cases that involve child custody, child support, division of property, and spousal support claims, utilizing her skills as a Family Mediator and Collaborative Divorce Lawyer to expand the range of creative solutions, and keep families out of the court system. Stephanie’s clients appreciate her high level of communication and responsiveness, and her adoption of cutting-edge technology. With every divorce, Stephanie’s goal is to minimize the emotional and financial costs by focusing on the future, staying out of court, and bringing about an efficient resolution.

As an educator, she is Founder, CEO, and Content Creator of Up A Notch Learning Inc., an e-learning platform to empower separating and divorcing families globally with a collection of positive and constructive resources.

In addition to her practice, Stephanie also enjoys being a member of the Board of Directors of the Alberta Law Foundation (chair) and the Legal Education Society of Alberta (vice-chair).  Stephanie is proud to be a co-founder of the Lloydminster Community Legal Clinic which offers FREE legal advice to the Lloydminster and surrounding area.

Stephanie enjoys staying active and spending quality time with her husband and three young children.

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