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This directory of Collaborative professionals in Edmonton and area provides the quickest and easiest way to find the qualified professionals you need to obtain a divorce or separation without going to court and needing to deal with all the associated costs and stress.

No two people will need the same support — you may need a collaboratively trained divorce lawyer and a financial planner, another couple may need a family specialist for counselling services and a divorce coach.  Yet another couple may just need a family law lawyer who knows how to help a couple through a collaborative divorce.

Divorce Coaches are licensed therapists who have specialized training in the area of divorce/separation. They help clients address intense emotional issues that often create barriers in settling disputes during this challenging time. They will assist the individual by providing them with resources, education, and information, while helping develop positive stress management, effective communication, and conflict-resolution skills. Divorce Coaches can also assist with clarifying the individual’s needs, interests, and concerns to prepare them to advocate for themselves in team meetings. This keeps the process moving forward, but also supports the development of long-term healthy coping as the family continues to live in two-households.

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Photo of Holly Brady CFP, CDFA, CFDS

Holly Brady, CFP, CDFA, CFDS

Financial professionalProspera Solutions
Address 4 Huntington Crescent St. Albert Alberta T8N 5V2 CanadaPhone: (780) 690-3556Website:


Holly is a Chartered Financial Divorce Specialist™ and a Certified Financial Planner® professional with over 20 years of experience.  Holly works closely with her clients to help them find a financially fair agreement during a time where they are feeling financially scared or intimidated and emotionally exhausted. Her expertise and guidance ensures your financial interests, tax adjustments, pension legislation, and your future financial outcome is taken into consideration. She offers the following specialized services which is helpful to both her clients and their lawyers:

  • Gathering the required financial documentation and organization for your case file to provide to your lawyer,
  • Determining guideline income for Child and Spousal Support purposes,
  • Assistance with creating a household budget, and managing cash flow and debt,
  • Clarification on pension valuations, pension legislation, how it is processed and managed post-divorce,
  • Identifying tax-efficient options of splitting the marital property, and any financial risks associated with a proposed financial settlement,
  • Provide short-term and long-term projections of proposed financial settlements.

Holly acts as a Financial Neutral on the collaborative divorce team and will provide all the professional insight as a Chartered Financial Divorce Specialist™.

As a Certified Financial Planner® professional, Holly helps clients navigate through various life stages and financial concerns they may be experiencing in order to achieve the lifestyle they envision.    With extensive product knowledge and an emphasis on sound financial planning, she has built a reputation as a trusted adviser for individuals and business owners alike. Educating individuals on financial literacy is also a passion of hers, and she runs regular financial literacy sessions.

Holly is a current Board Member for the Association of Collaborative Family Professionals (Edmonton) and the Collaborative Divorce Association of Alberta.  Through her volunteer efforts she helps bring awareness of the collaborative process to the general public.

Like most people, Holly endeavors to find the balance in life between family, friends and her career.  She loves uncovering her ancestral roots and capturing memories through scrap-booking.  Her motto is: “The secret to having it all is believing you already do.”

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