Edmonton collaborative lawyers with their clients, who opted for an uncontested divorce achieved without going to court.

Under the Collaborative process, each party retains his or her own collaboratively trained lawyer, and you and your respective lawyers all meet together face-to-face to create a fair agreement. Both of you will have your lawyer by your side throughout the process so you will have his or her support and legal advice along the way. Collaboratively trained Family Professionals and Financial Professionals will also be brought in to help resolve any issues and provide support. The Collaborative process preserves your privacy and your dignity while giving you the best possible chance at resolving your disputes respectfully.

See below to learn more about the benefits of Collaborative Practice.

Icon representing the professionals listed in the directory of Collaboratively trained professionals, including divorce lawyers, financial counsellors and mental health professionals, all of whom are trained to obtain an uncontested divorce without going to court.

Your team — Collaborative Professionals

Use the expertise of collaboratively trained professionals to focus on solving any legal, financial or emotional concerns to reach a fair resolution for you and your family.

Icon representing the time savings achieved with the help of collaboratively trained Edmonton divorce professionals, focused on achieving an uncontested out of court divorce, a better Edmonton divorce solution than the traditional approach to divorce.

Move forward sooner

In conventional divorces, the court and lawyers determine when progress occurs. In the collaborative process you, your partner and your team control the pace.

Icon representing customized divorce agreements, achieved with the help of local Edmonton collaborative divorce lawyers, financial counselling and mental health specialist, all delivering divorce help focused on achieving an uncontested, out of court divorce.

A tailor-made solution

The collaborative process enables the creation of a customized agreement that focuses on your special interests and your family’s well-being.

Icon representing the team work executed by collaborative divorce lawyers, financial planners and mental health professionals, the ideal solution for anyone doing a search for local Edmonton lawyer near me, help with divorce and separation or need a divorce lawyer for uncontested divorce.

Participants = decision makers

With the guidance of your collaborative divorce specialist, you and your partner reach your own agreements which are often more creative than what a court could order.

Icon representing the information exchange between collaborative family law professionals, including divorce lawyers, financial planners and mental health counsellors, all of whom are listed in the directory of Collaborative Family Professionals.

Civilized interaction

An honest exchange of information and decisions are made in an environment of mutual respect and cooperation.

Icon representing the dignity and security offered in the collaborative law process, the ideal approach to divorce and separation in Edmonton for anyone who wants to obtain an uncontested divorce without going to court.

Privacy = dignity

The financial and personal details of your family breakdown are not accessible to the public in court files.

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