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I am the principal lawyer with Brown Law Group, a Family & Divorce Law firm in Edmonton.  I would describe myself as a passionate and compassionate advocate for reasonable resolutions in family disputes, guided by fairness and the ‘best interests of children’.  I have never shied away from the Courtroom, but I will first work tenaciously to assist Clients avoid Court.  Even before being trained in Collaborative Law practice, my approach was always settlement oriented.  Except in a small percentage of cases, out-of-Court resolution is always the better way.

I believe I am a natural facilitator and mediator, in part because I am quick to understand the dynamics of conflict and what is really going on with the parties to a dispute. While I am particularly experienced in working with parenting disputes, I am also adept with all financial aspects of support and matrimonial property division.

I am trained in child-inclusive mediation, meeting with children, parenting coordination, working with high-conflict people, and representing children in the litigation process.  I believe that Family lawyers have an ethical obligation to “do no harm” to the children caught in the middle of these disputes.

As a newer Collaborative Lawyer, I bring the experience of having litigated family disputes and seeing the financial and emotional devastation, and the collateral damage to children. If you can stay out of Court you should. Collaborative Law makes that a firm commitment.

Originally from Edmonton, I am a graduate of the University of Toronto and Osgoode Hall Law School.  Before being called to the Bar of Ontario and Alberta in 2010, I worked for some 20 years in leadership positions in immigrant and refugee services, international development, human rights and managing humanitarian aid organizations.  In many ways this pre-Law life and work experience, including years working in war-ravaged countries in Latin America and Africa, prepared me well to maneuver through the minefields of Family disputes.

I speak Spanish and Portuguese.

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