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Family lawyerBruyer MacKay
Work #104, 10611 – 98 Avenue Edmonton Alberta T5K 2P7 CanadaWork Phone: (780) 425-9777Work Fax: (780) 425-9779Website: www.bruyermackay.ca
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James has practiced family law in Edmonton since 2009. His approach is to ensure clients consider every factor when considering their options. There are emotional stresses, relationships with friends and family, financial impacts, and long term effects that he believes clients should consider before agreeing to a settlement. Sometimes people need to be reminded to think about all the issues because they get focused on what is most important to them. But it is never just about the money or just about the kids.

Your Collaborative Lawyer can help you identify what is important to you and help you prioritize the other factors that may seem less important in the short term, but are vital to a successfully negotiated agreement that will work into the future.

James has an undergraduate degree in business, and a good head for numbers. He is married to a teacher who is training to be a psychologist, and he has two children in elementary school. He is an active member of the Orthodox Church of America. He also enjoys baking.

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