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Dr. Greg Pickering Ph.D.

Mental health professional/coachResolution Separation & Divorce Services
Work 9407 – 98 Avenue Edmonton Alberta T6C 2C8 CanadaWork Phone: (780) 448-0861Work Fax: (780) 450-4266Website: http://www.resolution-services.ca
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I am one of the 6 first trained CFL professionals in Edmonton and have been involved for about 16 years as a Divorce Coach and a Child Specialist.  Outside of the CFL work, I also specialize in the area of Separation and Divorce by doing a variety of other work.  This includes mediation of child and parenting matters, Practice Note 7 work. other Court ordered work and Parenting Coordination.  My Associate, Mr. Jason Jones also works in many of these same areas.

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Podcast: What is Collaborative Practice?

Deanna Koebernick | June 25, 2019

In early June 2019, I had the pleasure of participating in a podcast interview with Catherine Potter to discuss the concepts of Collaborative Practice.

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Comfort in Finances

Holly Brady | June 21, 2019

The word finance evokes so many emotions in people that it can stop you in your tracks. Add in the word divorce and it becomes debilitating to a lot of people.  The basic fear of not knowing what the end result will be can create more havoc, conflict, time loss, and ultimately, higher costs to reach a resolution.

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You are a person first – by Anna Priemaza

ds_info | June 7, 2017

The legal system is not designed for you, the individual. It’s designed for society as a whole.

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