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Founder-Kay Law and Mediation/ Family Lawyer, Registered Collaborative Family Lawyer, Chartered MediatorKay Law and Mediation
Work #104, 4310 – 33 Street Stony Plain Alberta T7Z 0A8 CanadaWork Phone: (780) 591-0225Work Fax: (780) 591-0223Website:
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I have been practising Family Law exclusively since 2012 and my passion in family law led me to extensive training in Mediation and the Collaborative practice. I obtained my Masters degree in Family Law in 2017. Although my office is in Stony Plain, I travel to all jurisdictions. I look forward to serving my clients who are going through a separation/ Divorce and assist them in restructuring their family in a positive way. the Collaborative process provides a greater sense of confidence that good decisions are being made and decisions that the parties have control over. Considering options and evaluating those options allows parties to make their own decisions that works best for their family. The Collaborative process is a balanced approach that leads to a more expedient and cost effective resolution. To find out more visit my firm website by clicking here


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