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Work 4528 – 99th Street Edmonton AB T6A 5H5 Work Phone: 780-452-6800Work Fax: 780-484-6535Website: Masuch Law LLP
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Cassandra Jackson completed her articles with Masuch Law LLP and became an associate lawyer with the firm in June 2017.

Through her experiences, Cassandra has taken a keen interest in family law and has found the work extremely rewarding and fulfilling.  She believes that her obligation as a lawyer is to heal conflict and ensure that families are able to move forward in a stable and healthy manner. For some families, the traditional litigation route can result in a breakdown in communication. Collaborative law, in some situations, is a more favorable avenue to assist families in navigating a relationship breakdown as it educates both parties on their legal rights and obligations while, at the same time, facilitates effective communication between parties. Through fostering effective communication and education, parties will be able to move forward and create meaningful and long lasting solutions that will meet their unique goals and needs.

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