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This directory of Collaborative professionals in Edmonton and area provides the quickest and easiest way to find the qualified professionals you need to obtain a divorce or separation without going to court and needing to deal with all the associated costs and stress.

No two people will need the same support — you may need a collaboratively trained divorce lawyer and a financial planner, another couple may need a family specialist for counselling services and a divorce coach.  Yet another couple may just need a family law lawyer who knows how to help a couple through a collaborative divorce.

Divorce Coaches are licensed therapists who have specialized training in the area of divorce/separation. They help clients address intense emotional issues that often create barriers in settling disputes during this challenging time. They will assist the individual by providing them with resources, education, and information, while helping develop positive stress management, effective communication, and conflict-resolution skills. Divorce Coaches can also assist with clarifying the individual’s needs, interests, and concerns to prepare them to advocate for themselves in team meetings. This keeps the process moving forward, but also supports the development of long-term healthy coping as the family continues to live in two-households.

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Photo of Paula Kinoshita

Paula Kinoshita

Quantz Law
Address 208, 16504 – 118 Avenue NW Edmonton AB T5V 1C8 Phone: 780-482-7691


I come to law as a second career. My background is in education. I was first a junior high teacher and then a college instructor, teaching literature, grammar, and writing. Now, I work hard to educate my clients so that they better understand their rights and obligations upon family breakdown.

I also come to law with a family of my own. I know just how hard it can sometimes be to bring my best self home. Yet I, like other parents, desire for the health of my family and well-being of my children. It is the pressure of parenting and the love of our children that inspires us to be problem-solvers and prospective thinkers – we hope for a fantastic future for ourselves and for them.

I also come to law with a belief in a good God. I am convinced that we have a Creator who loves us deeply and cares about our healing.

After graduating from the Faculty of Law at the University of Alberta in 2009, I practiced at a general practice law firm, Quantz Law, and gained experience in many different areas – family law, civil litigation, real estate, corporate commercial, personal injury, and wills and estates. However, over the past number of years, I am drawn to the family – practicing mainly in the areas of estate and family law.

I have become trained as a collaborative lawyer, not because I want to add another tool to my tool belt, but because I hope that the restructured family would have its best start through the collaborative process. I hope that through the collaborative process, parents would give their children the opportunity to building up their own future, healthy families.

It is my firm belief that peace and healthy beginnings are possible in family law, and that is why I love doing what I do.

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