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Lorraine A. Stark

Family lawyerPeaceable SettlementsFamily Law Matters
Work 9407 98 Avenue NW Cloverdale Professional Group Building Edmonton Alberta T6C 2C8 CanadaWork Phone: 780-473-7703Work Fax: 780-468-3088Website:
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Lorraine’s attentive, skilled, calm and intuitive approach has helped many going through the pain and stress of separation and divorce to create satisfying, workable settlement agreements outside of court, bringing peace and closure to their conflict and renewed hope for their future.

She is a strong proponent of an interest based approach to meet client needs and those of their children. In a respectful manner, Lorraine empowers parties to create solutions that promote harmony, peace, and recovery, so that they can move forward with their lives.

An early pioneer in the development of collaborative family practice, Lorraine was at the grassroots table when the Association of Collaborative Family Professionals (Edmonton) was formed in 2001 and has specialized in this area of practice ever since. Already a family law lawyer with a mediation practice, the addition of collaborative law was a natural fit. Lorraine is past-Chair of this Association and has a long history of coaching interest based training courses. She is a Registered Family Mediator (AFMS), has certificates in Conflict Management and Parenting Coordination, and child consultant training. She obtained her law and family studies degrees from the University of Alberta, previously worked in social work with families in crisis and child protection, and has business owner experience. Her law and mediation practice also includes wills and estates.

Clients benefit from Lorraine’s extensive knowledge and experience to enable them to reach agreement on parenting arrangements, support, property, including complex asset division, family businesses and pensions. She understands that family law can also impact corporate and estate matters.

Lorraine’s clients are choosing a time and cost-effective settlement process which prefers to minimize negative effects of family break up on their children and each other, reduce stress from unresolved conflict, and eliminate delay and financial burden of protracted litigation. They prefer a process which, while taking into account their legal rights and obligations, enables them to custom tailor make agreements suited to their unique circumstances.


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