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Karim Mawani

Family LawyerThe Art and Science of Dispute Resolution
Work 129 Seneca Road Sherwood Park AB T8A 4G6 Work Phone: 780-410-1188Work Fax: 780-410-1640
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Karim has been practicing law for 26 years. He came to Collaborative Practice after realizing that litigation left behind too many fractured families. Karim recognizes that Collaborative Practice allows his clients to keep their integrity and self-esteem as they prepare for a new phase of their lives. He is particularly concerned for the parent child-relationship: “You never stop being a parent, and the way you can parent your children now influences the relationships they will have for the rest of their lives.”

Karim wants his clients to be able to form new relationships that are better and stronger and to successfully co-parent. He believes that Collaborative Practice gives them communication skills that will help them create stronger relationships in the future. “It’s not that you argue, but how you find solutions to disagreements that really counts.”

Karim Mawani is convinced that Collaborative Practice maximizes the chance that children will have strong relationships with both parents and their extended families even after the parents’ relationship has ended. Having those relationships provides children with the solid foundation on which they can build strong relationships for themselves. He knows that life will always have its tough times but lives by the maxim, “When the going gets tough, the tough communicate. Listen, and understand before trying to find an answer.”

I am a graduate of the Grant MacEwan ASL/English Interpreter Program and an active member of the American Sign Language Interpreters Association (ASLIA) and the Association of Visual Language Interpreters of Canada (AVLIC).

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