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This directory of Collaborative professionals in Edmonton and area provides the quickest and easiest way to find the qualified professionals you need to obtain a divorce or separation without going to court and needing to deal with all the associated costs and stress.

No two people will need the same support — you may need a collaboratively trained divorce lawyer and a financial planner, another couple may need a family specialist for counselling services and a divorce coach.  Yet another couple may just need a family law lawyer who knows how to help a couple through a collaborative divorce.

Divorce Coaches are licensed therapists who have specialized training in the area of divorce/separation. They help clients address intense emotional issues that often create barriers in settling disputes during this challenging time. They will assist the individual by providing them with resources, education, and information, while helping develop positive stress management, effective communication, and conflict-resolution skills. Divorce Coaches can also assist with clarifying the individual’s needs, interests, and concerns to prepare them to advocate for themselves in team meetings. This keeps the process moving forward, but also supports the development of long-term healthy coping as the family continues to live in two-households.

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Photo of Dr Anita Dorczak M.A, LL.B, PhD, CLP, PC, Cert. EM

Dr Anita Dorczak, M.A, LL.B, PhD, CLP, PC, Cert. EM

Family LawyerDr. Anita Law and Mediation Centre
Address #1400, First Edmonton Place, 10665 Jasper Ave Edmonton AB T6J 2W4 Address #300, 340 Midpark Way SE Calgary AB T2X 1P1 Phone: 780-424-1212Phone: 403-264-4477Website: http://www.DrAnita.Lawyer


Practice governed by kindness and compassion

Over 25 years of experience

Fluent in 3 languages

After many years of practice I became deeply disillusioned with the adversarial process which I view as ineffective, expensive and failing to respond to the idiosyncrasy of family conflict.

My passion for peacemaking has taken me to teach and present on collaborative law in Spain, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Uruguay and Panama and I will continue to promote this model of dispute resolution as more effective and less costly but most importantly best suited for family disputes.

In order to assist families with their conflict resolution, I have become certified in:

a)  Elder Mediation (Specializing in conflict resolution involving older adults)

b)  Parenting Coordination (Assisting high conflict families with parenting issues)

c)  Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (Helping clients resolve conflict with more presence and less stress)

I also became certified as a Listening Professional (International Listening Association) which enables me to truly understand the clients’ need to be heard. I am currently vice-president elect of this organization.

I consider it my mission to educate parents on the destructive impact of conflict on the health of their children and to empower them to make the decisions based on their family unique experience and profound love for their children.

Remember: do not litigate but rather agree to collaborate!


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