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  • You are a person first – by Anna Priemaza (6/7/2017) - You are a person first. The legal system is not designed for you, the individual. It’s designed for society as a whole. The court system is set up to be one size fits all, with processes and options that are ... [read more]
  • Grey Divorce The “Grey Divorce” & Retirement (3/21/2017) - A growing trend in the divorce rates in Canada appears to be for middle age or older adults.  Thus the term "grey divorce". There are many concerns that middle age or retired couples may have with regards to splitting their ... [read more]
  • Spousal Support – Lucille Birkett (2/7/2017) - Spouses in the Collaborative Divorce process often are concerned about how they are going to meet their lifestyle needs after they are separated. There is usually a period of transition from one household to two, as the children grow up ... [read more]
  • Courts now uphold your choice of Appropriate Dispute Resolution process (11/8/2016) - How binding is the standard clause in a settlement contract, a.k.a. minutes of settlement, that requires the parties to attempt mediation or a 4x negotiation meeting before being allowed to bring a court application? For the most part, Queen’s Bench ... [read more]
  • Teri Bonnah Memorial Bursary (8/25/2016) - The Association of Collaborative Family Professionals (Edmonton) ‐ (ACFP(E)) ‐ established the Teri Bonnah Memorial Bursary in 2016 to provide financial assistance to newer members of the ACFP(E) who wish to pursue training or education that will develop their leadership skills.  The ... [read more]
  • Child Support (6/2/2016) - Parents in the Collaborative Divorce process often have a common goal to minimize the impact of the separation on their children and to ensure the children continue to benefit from the financial means of both spouses. A set of rules ... [read more]